Upper Michigan Waterfalls

I have found and photographed over 100 waterfalls in Upper Michigan (103 are included on this website). Click on the county you are interested in to see the waterfalls I have visited from that county, go to the county from the Alphabetical List of Upper Michigan Counties to find a list of waterfalls from that county, or find the waterfall in the Alphabetical List of Upper Michigan Waterfalls below.

Alphabetical List of Upper Michigan Counties
I have visited and photographed many of the waterfalls in Upper Michigan. I have included them in my Waterfall Page by Counties as follows:
Notable Falls
The following waterfalls have been identified as "Notable Falls" in the Michigan Atlas & Gazetteer by DeLorme Mapping:

Background Bond Falls in Ontonagon County is the first waterfall I found in Upper Michigan during my recent quest for waterfalls to photograph. I had a few hours to wait early one fall morning when I went up there to visit my son, and I decided to look for two waterfalls in the area that were featured in a local paper at the motel.

When we met later that morning, I took him to see the falls I had found. He then took me to see some of the falls he found, and he showed me the book of waterfalls he was using.

Since that time I have found and logged about 90 of the waterfalls included in a book called Michigan Waterfalls, which features 198 waterfalls in Upper Michigan.

Now I go up there at least once a year to find more. When I need a stress break, I find it very relaxing to walk several miles into the backwoods to come upon a deserted waterfall. Of course, not all of them are several miles into the backwoods, and not all are deserted. But they are more likely to be deserted than the waterfalls I have found elsewhere.

Alphabetical List of Upper Michigan Waterfalls


Agate Falls - Ontonagon County

Alder Falls - Marquette County

Alger Falls - Alger County

Au Train Falls - Alger County

Big Eric's Falls - Baraga County

Big Falls - Baraga County

Big Pup Falls - Marquette County

Black River Falls - Marquette County

Black Slate Falls - Baraga County

Bonanza Falls - Ontonagon County

Bond Falls - Ontonagon County

Bushy Creek Falls - Marquette County

Canyon Falls - Baraga County

Carp Falls - Marquette County

Cascade Falls - Ontonagon County

Chapel Falls - Alger County

Chicagon Falls - Iron County

Chippewa Falls - Gogebic County

Cliff Falls - Marquette County

Conglomerate Falls - Gogebic County

Dead River Falls - Marquette County

Douglas Houghton Falls - Houghton County

Eagle River Falls - Keweenaw County

Eric's Falls - Baraga County

Fumee Falls - Dickinson County

Gabbro Falls - Gogebic County

Gooseneck Falls - Houghton County

Gorge Falls - Gogebic County

Granite Rapids Falls - Gogebic County

Greenstone Falls - Ontonagon County

Haven Falls - Keweenaw County

Hills Falls - Marquette County

Horseshoe Falls - Alger County

Hungarian Falls - See Lower Hungarian Falls or Upper Hungarian Falls

Iagoo Falls - Gogebic County

Jacobs Falls - Keweenaw County

Jeff's Falls - Marquette County

Kakabica Falls - Gogebic County

Laughing Whitefish Falls - Alger County

Little Quinnesec Falls - Dickinson County

Little Union Gorge Falls - Ontonagon County

Lower Falls - Falls River - Baraga County

Lower & Upper Falls - Gratiot River - Keweenaw County

Lower Hungarian Falls - Houghton County

Lower Tahquamenon Falls - Chippewa County

Manabezho Falls - Gogebic County

Manakiki Falls - Gogebic County

Manganese Falls - Keweenaw County

Manido Falls - Gogebic County

Memorial Falls - Alger County

Mex-i-min-e Falls - Gogebic County

Miners Falls - Alger County

Morgan Falls - Marquette County

Mosquito Falls - Alger County

Munising Falls - Alger County

Nawadaha Falls - Gogebic County

Neepikon Falls - Gogebic County

O-Kun-De-Kun Falls - Ontonagon County

Overlooked Falls - Ontonagon County

Potawotomi Falls - Gogebic County

Powder Horn Falls - Gogebic County

Power Dam Falls - Baraga County

Power House Falls - Baraga County

Quartzite Falls - Baraga County

Rainbow Falls - Gogebic County

Rapid River Falls - Delta County

Reany Falls - Marquette County

Rock River Falls - Alger County

Sable Falls - Alger County

Sandstone Falls - Gogebic County

Saxon Falls - Gogebic County

Schweitzer Falls - Marquette County

Scott Falls - Alger County

Silver Falls - Baraga County

Silver Bell Falls - Alger County

Silver River Falls - Keweenaw County

Slate River Falls - Baraga County

Sturgeon Falls - Houghton County

Superior Falls - Gogebic County

Tannery Falls - Alger County

Tahquamenon Falls - See Upper Tahquanemon Falls or Lower Tahquamenon Falls

Tibbets Falls - Baraga County

Unnamed Falls - Baraga County

Unnamed Falls - Tioga River - Baraga County

Unnamed Falls #2 - Hungarian Creek - Houghton County

Unnamed Falls #3 - Hungarian Creek - Houghton County

Unnamed Falls - Presque Isle River - Gogebic County

Unnamed Falls - Silver Creek - Keweenaw County

Unnamed Falls - Morgan Creek - Marquette County

Unnamed Falls #2 - Morgan Creek - Marquette County

Unnamed Falls -Tobacco River - Keweenaw County

Upper Falls - Baraga county

Upper Falls - Falls River - Baraga County

Upper & Lower Falls - Gratiot River - Keweenaw County

Upper Hungarian Falls - Houghton County

Upper Tahquamenon Falls - Luce county

Wagner Falls - Alger County

Warner Falls - Marquette County

West Branch Falls - Baraga County

Whitefish Falls - Alger County

Wolverine Falls - Ontonagon County

Wyandotte Falls - Houghton County

Yondota Falls - Gogebic County


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